When I began this blog, my intent was to shed some light on little-heard gospel records. In the past few years, I’ve added short-form reviews to the content of this site as well. The shorter write-ups are intended to highlight more recent releases. If you are interested in having your record reviewed on this site, I would suggest reading past reviews and looking at the genres I typically cover. The byline of the site reads, “unearthly, underground gospel”, but that can expand to folk, singer-songwriter, blues, Americana and any number of subgenres that, to be honest, probably have their roots in traditional America gospel. If you’d like me to consider your album, please send either a downloadable bandcamp or dropbox link to joshmcompto@gmail. I’m not much of a streamer. I like to take the music with me, and experience it out in the world. With that in mind, mp3s or WAV files are ideal.

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