Don’t Forget This Song: Albums on Rotation

June 3, 2019

David Benjamin Blower’s newest album, We Really Existed and We Really Did This, is a beautiful, heartbreaking meditation on our environmental sins and what it means for our future, our souls, and for the world to come.  The proceedings drift along on dust bowl melodies and poetic, anthemic wailings.  They inspire.  They convict.  They wound and heal, like any good prophesying is wont to do. The album is available at in both physical and digital forms, with extended readings and reflections on the physical copy.

On the National’s eighth record, I am Easy to Find, singer Matt Berninger shares the microphone with a roster of female vocalists, not to mention lyrical collaborations with his wife, Carin Besser.  These contributions breath a new kind of life into the already expansive sound of the veteran band, and adds a dimension of push and pull that, intentional or not, echoes our culture at large.  You can purchase the album in all its forms at the band’s website,

Damien Jurado’s record, In the Shape of a Storm, is his first since the death of collaborator Richard Swift.  Throughout their many records together, Swift pushed Jurado’s quiet tunes into expansive, psychedelic soundscapesAlone again, Jurado strips everything down to vocals and guitar, his oblique reflections on love and death are put front and center and seen through a new lens. The album is available for purchase at most online retailers, but a good place to start would be here and here.

In the upcoming months, Wilder Adkins will officially release his new album, In This Pilgrim Way, where the soulful Birmingham artist interprets old standards like “Softly and Tenderly” and “In the Garden”, while adding a few of his own hymns to the gospel mix.  “I’m all peace on the outside, and fury within,” sings Adkins. “I am still running for the light”—a sentiment worthy of Charles Wesley.  To preorder the album, both in vinyl or digital forms, visit

Discoveries & Recommendations

Books: You! Jonah!  by Thomas John Carlisle

Movies: The Sisters Brothers

Classic Albums: Jackson C. Frank, Self-Titled

Podcasts: Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

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